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2D Game Art

2D Game Art

Today I would like to share regarding the game art. How did we come up with this game idea and 2D game art for the platformer style?

India has a long tradition of Miniature paintings (since the 12th or 13th Century AD). Various cultures which were in India and those which came to India added their own style to the depth of miniature paintings. Therefore it is not surprising to find paintings in various styles like Rajasthani, Madhubani, Mughal, Mysore, Tanjore, Pichoi and Bengal paintings.

When we first started the game, we wanted to make a game based on the miniature paintings. But once we had a look at miniature paintings, it was really hard to figure out which style we wanted to follow. After spending a month or two searching for references on Google, we could not come up with a single style that we liked. We even visited local museums and found actual miniature paintings which were over 400 years old. They were really beautiful to look at but to create something similar might take us another 100 years.

We even browsed through various books but still could not pick up a style. Then we came up with a book from a very prominent artist who had adopted his own unique style taken the various styles found the miniature paintings. He mostly worked on large and small canvases and murals and his style was very unique yet it was a reflection of the major miniature painting styles.

Once we had this book, it served as a major reference point and a guiding light on the path we were to undertake.

Below is some of the very early 2d concept art of the game:


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