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Verto Studio 3D 1.4 comes to iOS 7 with 3D text support

Independent developer, Michael L. Farrell today updated Verto Studio 3D, his full-featured modeling app that rivals 3D software for computers, to version 1.4 with a cleaner new design for iOS 7 and several new features. Introduced in 1.4, is the text object type, allowing users to create 3D words and phrases. Additionally 1.4 introduces the virtual reality "fly-through" mode, a new way to explore the 3D scene using video-game-style dual touchpad controls and the device gyroscope.

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New App La Collec’ des Doodingues from Casino is Monstrously Good Fun

La Collec' des Doodingues from Casino immerses children in a world of monstrously good fun as they use their device to meet and greet the silly, crazy and friendly members of the Casino Doodingues band. Scan one of Casino's 32 gourmet and funny products. Watch with joy as a unique and friendly member of the Casino Doodingues band comes to life through animation, and performs crazy, funny and silly actions. The band includes: Freedoo, Dooris, Doonut, Poupidoo, Dooxter and Doominique.

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