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Kings And Legends Launches New Server Vel’Assar Following OBT Success

KINGS AND LEGENDS CELEBRATES SUCCESSFUL OPEN BETA WITH NEW SERVER LAUNCHING TODAY New Cards, PvE and PvP Modes Also Incoming In The Next Months! February 6, 2013 — Kings and Legends , the unique card-based, free2play browser title, is celebrating a hugely successful open beta with the launch of a new server “Vel’Assar” today and details of upcoming new game modes and cards which will come to all servers in the coming months ! If you haven’t yet challenged opponents in action-packed PvP battles one-on-one or with carefully chosen teammates, now’s the perfect time to join and try it out on the new server named after the mighty elven archer King in Kings and Legends ! New players can follow the PvE battle scenario stories to hone their skills and collect new cards, customize their deck, stock up on the ultimate cards, experience the exciting Battle System and much more. The Kings and Legends open beta is going on now at www.kingsandlegends.com ” Kings and Legends ‘ open beta has been a great success and has by far exceeded our expectations. We’re really excited with the amount of feedback players have been providing,” said Yang Lin, Director of Product Development on the game. “Competition for the top PvP and PvE spots is hotly contested and we’re delighted to open new servers to cater for increasing demand from players and to also unveil the new cards and features coming in the next months!” As well as the launch today of a new server, fans can expect to see numerous additions come to the game in the coming months. The first which is being worked on at the moment is an additional PvP Tournament mode, where players compete against each other with tournament decks formed specifically for this mode. All players can choose from the same pool of cards and must then form their preferred deck of 30 and compete. This evened playing field will challenge expert players, as they will not be able to rely on their established card collections, while evening the playing field for new duelists while they build up their decks. A new PvE weekly Challenge Mode is also coming, — prepare your best cards! Users will have one short week to progress through a series of challenges, each with increasing difficulty to receive lucrative rewards as each tier of challenges is completed. With fifty challenges in total to overcome, your ultimate reward will be based on how far you can get in just seven days. To aid players in these and other upcoming challenges, new Booster Packs will become available in the coming months; these booster packs will be themed along races available in Kings and Legends . Looking for that last Elf for a flawless deck, another Goblin with counterattack, a new Halfblood Halfling ready to backstab? Humans with vigilance, ogres with regenerate and rage, and more await players, as the choice is entirely in their hands! Watch out for more details on this in the coming weeks. Kings and Legends offers players 7 different races and 4 different hero classes, each with their own unique magical abilities. Each card can attain 6 different ranks making for endless tactical possibilities. Players can choose from hundreds of creature or skill cards, each with their own unique artwork, to build a variety of decks to tailor to personal tastes or specifically suited to overcome any scenario. Weekly and monthly tournaments and leaderboards offer hundreds of prizes for dedicated players such as gold, items and unique cards that cannot be obtained anywhere else. With plenty of new cards coming throughout the first half of 2013, from Common to Godlike, from all card types, as well as new maps, modes, servers and tons of hot PvP action, it’s the perfect time to leap straight into Kings and Legends ! Find out more about the game and play the open beta at www.kingsandlegends.com and follow the game on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ KingsAndLegends and Twitter @KingsAndLegends for exclusive codes and gameplay tips. ### About Kings and Legends Kings and Legends is a free2play tactical trading card game (TCG) with hundreds of unique cards to collect, evolve and battle with. The unique, action-packed battle system is easy to learn and offers players the opportunity to pit themselves against single opponents, to fight in teams or battle deadly bosses in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Combining the depth and challenge of an MMO with the strategy and tactics of a TCG, Kings and Legends is a free2play browser game like no other. PC Game Reviews and News You can also follow CaptainD on Google+ to stay up to date with the latest news and reviews.

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Kings And Legends Launches New Server Vel’Assar Following OBT Success


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