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Zynga Project Z & Batman

Zynga Launches Nine New Games and A New Platform

Online gaming juggernaut announced a slate of nine new games as well as a new gaming network called Zynga Direct (Project Z).

The new games include sequel to “Mafia Wars” that takes the company to a new level of violence, and a follow-on to “FarmVille” and “CityVille,” called “CastleVille,” that’s set in a more tranquil, medieval fantasy world of dragons and maidens.

Zynga also launched its first “hidden objects” game, called “Hidden Chronicles,” in which players have to locate items buried in cluttered scenes depicting the inside of a railroad car or a Paris cafĂ©. “Hidden Chronicles” will launch “soon” on Facebook, Zynga said. Read More

Batman: Arkham City PC Edition Pushed off to November

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced that the release of the PC version of its fantasy action adventure Batman: Arkham City has been delayed to November, instead of its original October 18 release alongside the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions. As for the console versions, WBIE did confirm that they have gone gold in advance of their global launches.

Arkham City, like its predecessor Arkham Asylum, is an open world action video game that incorporates elements of stealth and predator tactics. All of the gadgets previously obtained in the first game are present at the start of Arkham City (with the exception of the Batclaw, it is the regular Batclaw instead of the Ultra Batclaw). Most of them have improved or new capabilities; for example, the Cryptographic Sequencer can also track signals, the line launcher now has a feature that allows Batman to flip over and launch another zip line in the opposite horizontal direction, the remote control Batarang now has a built in brake and boost, and the grappling gun can now be used while gliding to boost Batman further up into the air. An additional gadget has been revealed: smoke pellets to confuse enemies when spotted by them. The game incorporates more puzzle elements; the use of Batman’s “Detective Mode”, which highlights elements such as enemy skeletons and clues on-screen, is used to perform forensic activities such as tracing the origin of a sniper round. Read More


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