Legend of Vraz CD

The Legend of Vraz CDs

PC games have taken the gaming market by storm with everyday new releases that captures the interest of both young and old alike. With a whole gamut of PC games ranging from arcade to word games, it often becomes a tedious task to select the best fit. To ease your apprehension we bring forth a new gaming experience at your doorstep with The Legend of Vraz CDs.

Buy Legend of Vraz CDs Online: @ Zatungames.com

Zatun Games is an independent game company based out of Ahmedabad, India and has many eggs in its basket. They have developed several titles for Facebook, Iphone and XBOX live arcade. With the launch of The Legend of Vraz DVDs, this “Indian” company has proved its mettle in the International Game market. Zatun Games has successfully developed the first Indian arcade game – The Legend of Vraz in 2D with Microsoft XNA Game Studio. The game is built for Windows PC.

Buy Legend of Vraz CDs: A game based on Indian legend

The game is based on an epic love story set amidst the Indian landscape with fantastic visuals and ancient weapons. Despite being an arcade game, it contains no violence and hence suitable for all ages- child or adult.The game with 5 objectives is divided into 15 levels which are further segregated into 4 distinct worlds. The game graphics is based on Indian Miniature paintings, hand-painted by an in-house team of game artists, and it exotically reflects the Indian art in conjunction with age-old traditions and deep-seated values. Buy Legend of Vraz CDs today!

Buy the Legend of Vraz CD today for $29.99
(Includes DVD + Shipping + Free poster + Free Key chain)

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Buy Legend of Vraz – Online

You can buy the game online as well via PayPal/credit card here.

We also accept bank transfers to our local bank in India. Please contact us or send an email to support@zatungames.com after you have done the bank transfer. Once we receive your payment confirmation, we will send you the link to our secure download location from where you can download the full unlocked version of the game.

Buy Legend of Vraz CDs: Pure adventure and Fun

The Legend of Vraz is an arcade based adventure PC game that requires Prince Vraz to accomplish 5 objectives in order to marry his beloved Princess Avi. Sounds simple? Wait till you encounter the obstacles at every level, which will propel you to utilize your reflexes and mind in the best possible manner. The game is a respite from the bloody bath that you usually play in an arcade game. It’s not surprising to watch the game enthusiasts visiting game stores to purchase Legend of Vraz DVDs . Many are visiting the website zatungames.com to buy this top PC download adventure game.

Buy Legend of Vraz CDs: Know about Indian Culture

Game enthusiasts who have purchased Legend of Vraz CDs from the video retail stores or online have commented on the game in an extremely positive bent of mind, they firmly believe this game can be played along with children in the same verve. Many have gained an insight to Indian traditions and cultures which they had read in the books. In all galore, this game harnesses the essence of human existence – love, compassion, forgiveness and bravery.

With an exotic soundtrack it sure melts your core and makes you wander in a magnificent dreamland from where you would hate to come back. The game can be played via the mouse, keyboard and/or both. With all the epic charm, sharp graphics and advanced gaming technology buying Legend of Vraz CDs is worth every dime.


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