Puppies Out

PUPPIES OUT! The Cutest, Fun and Original Endless Runner Games!

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This 3D free Running games for kids, boys, girls and adults features lovely cute pets – named “Buddy Lab” – alongside with some of its adorable puppy friends. They live in a happy, fantasy dog world where running is the key to success! Tough obstacles and challenges await them, but the puppies are ready for it! In this new, top, freeplay and best puppy game every level is an adventure and every mission is a discovery.

Game Trailer

Game Screenshots


  • Explore Fun-Tasy Puppy Worlds!
  • Enjoy Gorgeous Graphics while collecting life-saving Silver Bones.
  • 21 cute and legendary puppies as playable characters to choose from!
  • Personalize and style your pet game and collect amazing Paw-Ur-Ups!
  • Run through a colorful, lively 3D landscape.
  • Get rewarded with Lives as you win or via sharing the App on social media.
  • Upgrades available as you play: Shields, Mystery Boxes, Magnetic Collars, Frisbee and Jet Packs.
  • Increase mission levels and difficulty: run and slide through residential areas, garden areas, bridges, construction areas and parks.
  • Share the fun of 3D Infinite Runner on Facebook and on Game center .

Let the Puppies Out in this pets game and Start Playing and Winning!


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