Puppies Out

PUPPIES OUT! The Cutest, Fun and Original Endless Runner Games!

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This 3D free Running games for kids, boys, girls and adults features lovely cute pets – named “Buddy Lab” – alongside with some of its adorable puppy friends. They live in a happy, fantasy dog world where running is the key to success! Tough obstacles and challenges await them, but the puppies are ready for it! In this new, top, freeplay and best puppy game every level is an adventure and every mission is a discovery.

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  • Explore Fun-Tasy Puppy Worlds!
  • Enjoy Gorgeous Graphics while collecting life-saving Silver Bones.
  • 21 cute and legendary puppies as playable characters to choose from!
  • Personalize and style your pet game and collect amazing Paw-Ur-Ups!
  • Run through a colorful, lively 3D landscape.
  • Get rewarded with Lives as you win or via sharing the App on social media.
  • Upgrades available as you play: Shields, Mystery Boxes, Magnetic Collars, Frisbee and Jet Packs.
  • Increase mission levels and difficulty: run and slide through residential areas, garden areas, bridges, construction areas and parks.
  • Share the fun of 3D Infinite Runner on Facebook and on Game center .

Let the Puppies Out in this pets game and Start Playing and Winning!

Narendra Modi Game – Modi fied

Narendra Modi Game – “Mod-fied” – A stylish new dress up game

Are you a fan of Shri Narendra Modi? Would you like to be his personal stylist? Now you have a chance to transform and style one of the most important political figures of this era your way in our latest Dress Up game “Modi-fied”.

Dress Up Shri Narendra Modi, the way you want to in this free Android game from India. There are lots of options from his favorite kurta to his trademark glasses, Armani shoes and pagdi.

GAME COVERED Indian Express, DNA, Jaago Duniya TV, Quartz amongst others.

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Game Features:

  • Tons of Dress Up options resulting in various styles.
  • More than 720 different dressing combinations
  • Share Final Look at Facebook and Twitter
  • Save the picture on your phone.
  • Use the final image as the phone wallpaper.
  • Change backgrounds as per your preference.
  • Easy and user friendly controls.
  • Small game size
  • Compatible with all major android phones.
  • First Dress Up game featuring an Indian political figure

The background images behind Narendra Modi change as well and highlight some of the key areas like development, emerging leader, orator amongst others.

This is a simple casual game intended for audiences of all ages. This Dress Up game will surely keep you entertained for hours on end.

Narendra Modi is one of the leading political figures in Modern India and the current chief Minister of Gujarat, India. This game is not endorsed by Shri Narendra Modi nor by BJP or any other political party. This game is for entertainment purposes only.

Google Play Store  Link:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zatun.modified

Traffic Jam – Fun Game

A free fun game on android providing complete entertainment and helping you relax while demanding quick reflexes.

“Traffic Jam” provides a familiar environment of being stuck in a traffic jam on busy Indian roads. The premise is quite funny and the ironic Bollywood song in the background is sure to bring smile on player’s faces.
• While you were daydreaming about your girlfriend, you hit an aunty on the road.
• Aunty has a million friends and they all come rushing to help her and soon the mob starts throwing all the things they can lay their hands on.
• Tap the items before they hit you. Tapping on food will give you health and tapping on bad items will make them disappear.
• Share your score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
• Game works on all low and high end android smartphones.

This addicting Indian game may sound easy but is not. If you can survive here, you will survive anywhere! If you are stuck in traffic or wish to have some quick fun, this free android game is for you.

Game Link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zatun.trafficjam

Zatun Creates Facebook Game On The Indian Gujarati Movie Kevi Rite Jaish

Zatun has created a new game called ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’, based on the Gujarati movie with the same name. ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’ is a free to play Facebook game developed in Flash which features cute 2-D graphics and provides complete entertainment for all ages. The game was released on Facebook in the month of June along with other flash portals.
’Kevi Rite Jaish’ is a simple and fun to play social game. In this game, the players have to make the total of 100 points in one-minute’s time to acquire the USA visa for immigration. The player has to click on four badges – the Statue of Liberty, American President Barrack Obama, “Patel’s Motel” signboard and Uncle Sam by which they will gain 5 points each. If they click on other badges they lose both points and time.

‘Kevi Rite Jaish’ is a Gujarati comedy drama. The story revolves around a Patel family and its multitudinous tries to immigrate to the USA. The is film directed by Abhishek Jain and produced by Nayan Jain starring  Divyang Thakker, Tejal Panchasara, Kenneth Desai and Anang Desai in  prominent roles.

Talking to AnimationXpress.com about the idea behind the game and the response received since its release Abhinav Chokhavatia, Founder and CEO of  ZATUN said, “Kevi Rite Jaish was the first urban Gujarati movie and we believed it would really connect with the audience. We wanted the game to be used as a marketing tool for the movie and created the game concept similar to the movie storyline.”

“The production team contacted us less than 3-4 weeks before the film’s release and we wanted to have the game out a week before the release of the movie. So we kept the concept simple and fun to play. We brainstormed quite a few ideas and chose the most simple and fun to play idea whereby any user anywhere in the world could play the game and relate it to the movie.”

“Around 4 artists worked on the game and we developed the game within 2 weeks. Facebook was a very simple choice considering the short timeframe. Also the production team was very active and promoting the movie on Facebook so there would a direct connection between the movie and the game.” he added.

“The most challenging part was to make the game fun and addictive and at the same time convey what the movie is about. We added a tactics whereby if the user gets certain points, the user loses time as well and increase the randomness of the icons pop up.”

“It’s been an amazing experience and a fun project to work on. We are in discussion with the director and the production team of the movie to launch the game on any other platform.”

“As a company, we are looking at a lot of platforms for our future games and are working on creating better games with a wider audience reach.” he concludes.

Talking about his thoughts on the game Abhishek Jain, Director of ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’ said,” Kevi Rite Jaish has been a different experience to me. Making a film is like living another life altogether. This film has absorbed a lot of emotions and physical stress out of me. But it is a sweet experience. I would like to go through it again and again.”

“In today’s time a film has to keep itself abreast with the technological changes and innovative ideas. When we planned to make a Gujarati film, which would look like a Bollywood film, so we thought of making all attempts like a Bollywood film does. Gaming is a very new idea in the Hindi film industry and adapting it in Gujarati films, was like giving something very innovative and up market. The game has come out very well and people have appreciated it too.”

“One cannot gauge the commercial success via a game, it is difficult to monitor that but game has helped us immensely to create the brand image that we wanted to. It has added feather to film’s aspiration value. This was part of the marketing strategy and it has worked wonders. People could relate to the character before going to the film and thus while watching the film, they were with the characters.” he added

“We feel really proud of the fact that we could pull it off and claim that this is first ever film which has got its official game. We are thankful to our partner Zatun for coming up with this idea and executing it on time”

“These guys are very organized; they kept us on our toes when they wanted the required designs and materials. Commitment, innovation, initiation and meeting the deadline is what we have learnt from the amazing team of Zatun.”

“We are thankful to the audience for spreading the film and owning it up. The media friends have also supported us a lot. Keep the momentum on and keep believing in Gujarati Cinema.” shared Abhishek.

Zatun is an Indian independent video game development company offering game development for iPhone, iPads, Android, Facebook Flash Games and game art on all platforms including smart phones, tablets, handhelds and consoles. Their projects include ‘I Luv Chocolat’ (“Best App of the Year” at NDTV tech awards, 2011), ‘The Legend of Vraz’ (Best PC game Award at FICCI Frames BAF Awards 2010) , ‘WeRule’ and ‘Panzer corps’ to name a few.

Facebook Game Kevi Rite Jaish

Zatun, a Prominent Independent Video Game Developer from India, announces the release of their new Facebook Game called ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’. The game is based on the Indian Gujarati movie with the same name. ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’ features cute 2-D graphics and is an entertaining Facebook game developed in Flash is free to play. Read more

Facebook Game link: apps.facebook.com/kevi_rite_jaish/?fb_source=search&ref=ts

Movie Trailer link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RaXm6YL188

Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/KeviRiteJaish?ref=ts

Star Youth Achiever Award 2012

Our CEO Mr. Abhinav Chokhavatia was conferred with “Star Youth Achiever Award” by Star News & Youth Marketing Forum at the Global Youth Marketing Forum 2012.This event took place on 14-February, 2012 at TAJ land Ends in Mumbai and was attended by Who’s who of the advertising and the corporate world. Mr. Abhinav Chokhavatia was also one of the speakers at the conference where he shared his views on the gaming landscape in India and spoke about “Who is gaming in India and Why? Demystifying the gaming landscape”.GMYK (Global Youth Marketing Forum) 2012: It is the largest rendezvous of Youth Experts, Marketing Professionals, Cool Hunters & Brand Specialist who will offer insights on the youth of today in India.

Top iPhone Games Free

Top iPhone Games Free

It is a good thing that the Top iPhone Games thoughtfully has applications that are free for download. Not everyone would like to pay additionally for applications. There are several Top iPhone Games Free downloads that would keep you entertained for hours on end. In fact there are several games that cater to all tastes when it comes to mobile entertainment.

For starters, the classic solitaire – This can application can be played in portrait as well as landscape orientation. The cards can easily be moved with your fingers and there is almost no difference between playing the game on your computer and on the phone. Though it does not stand out as something unique, it is one of the classics that are available for free.

The game Snake is another mobile classic that is now free for download. A thoughtful change to the game is that your snake will now move only to the left or right. Any more directions could get confusing in terms of playing. The time for loading is almost non-existent and there are several bonuses to be picked up along the way. The crazy mode makes for a lot of fun. For speed enthusiasts there is the game called Racing. Possibly like the game Need for Speed. It allows you to choose your car, earn points, play against people and be the speed demon that is hiding inside you.

A stick figures that plays a multitude of sports – that is what Stick Sports – Summer Games Lite is all about. This is an abridged version of the game. It currently plays only javelin. Once you buy the whole version you can also have your stick figure pole vault and long jump. The game can be addictive to those who have enjoyed it. There are many other top iPhone games in listing

Spear fishing 3D is another game that is available in its limited version. As the name suggests it is all about deep water fishing. It gives you the option for spearing different fish, attempting to catch shark, use a freestyle mode etc. The complete version has around 10 levels. Each one is more challenging than the other. Live Poker 6k from Zynga is a wonderful application that is played with several other people. It is easy to understand and navigate through. Words with Friends are a Scrabble look-alike. It is a fun game that helps you spend your time fruitfully. There are several updates to the game that can be downloaded as and when they are made available.


If you like more challenge when playing a Scrabble-style game than your “Friends” can offer, you can always get the original. The Scrabble app lets you set the difficulty to easy, normal or hard. “Easy” truly is easy. “Normal” will suit the average player. Beware of “Hard,” which will beat the average player consistently, but will also make the average payer better. Playing the “hard” setting is a good way to improve your defensive game-play skills.


A unique take on words games, Moxie is a word-building game. Given a series of letters, you must place each letter in one of three boards, where you form and re-form three different words. Continue to build words and you continue to score points. Destroy a word and lose points. For example, build the word “fun” then change it to “run” when an “R” comes up. Better have a strategy for when the “Q” appears!


Like many other word-twist games, the goal of this game is to find all the words of three letters or more that can be made from the jumbled word given. Unlike most other games of this kind, Jumbline can be played with words of five, six or seven letters. Most games only offer six-letter words. Jumbline also allows you adjust the time limit, even offering no time limit, which can give you the satisfaction of finishing a long word list from a seven-letter word.

Book Worm

Just like the online game of the same name, this app presents a board of random letters. Connect chains of letters to form words and score points. As those letters vanish, the columns drop down and new letters are added. There are also premium spaces that add urgency to the game. The strategy here is to avoid using too many common letters early, because that will increase the concentration of difficult letters later, making it harder to form new words.

Crossword Lite

While the New York Times crossword puzzle app offers a better pedigree, it requires a paid subscription. This app offers puzzles of moderate challenge. Crossword Lite is the free version of a larger app and comes with 40 puzzles. It is very easy to handle, which can be a problem with crossword puzzles on the screen size of an iPhone. Toggle between across and down or switch to a list of all the clues easily.

Treat for chocolate kids – Chocolate Candy

So, what exactly is this game about? This fascinating chocolate game is divided into a total of seven stages. While the chocolate kids get the first two stages free on their phones, the rest of the five stages have to be bought by the user to be able to play them. However, the fun and curiosity of the advanced levels are such that the price would never be an impediment to the chocolate kids.

The goal of the game is to collect a specific amount of chocolate candies in the time specified. Wandering around the chocolate world, the chocolate kids are required to search various locations where one could find a chocolate candy. Once the player finds the chocolate candy and collects it in ones kitty, s/he could then move on to the other location in search of another chocolate candy