Meet the Developers

Zatun is an Indian independent video game development company dedicated to develop engaging, action-packed, fun-to-play video games while providing game art services and game development services to a global clientele.

We started off as a game services company providing game outsourcing services to various clients. While outsourcing was fun but at the same time we realized that , we did not have our own IP. In Addition, outsourcing allowed us to work only on a portion of game development while we wished to explore the entire game development cycle. So we began by looking at various game genres and played around with different game ideas and concepts. We wanted to create a game with a strong Indian content but with a global appeal. While playing around with ideas, we felt it would be fun to do an Indian Platformer with a prince of Persia or Mario style and that is how the concept of “The Legend of Vraz” was born.The game development took around 16 months and it was developed 100% in-house.

The entire game has been developed self funded without any investor funding and it’s taken a lot of effort, time and sleepless nights for the entire team of Zatun to bring Legend of Vraz to reality. If you wish to know more about our game development process, please check out the game development articles or our wikipedia page.

Zatun’s Award Winning Games

I Luv Chocolat:
In this fun family game, you’ll be outwitting the chocolate factory’s guards as you munch on tasty treats across seven exciting levels with a massive collection of 30 different kinds of chocolates. Each and every level comes with a unique, different background and ‘test my intelligence’ chocolate hideouts increasing the excitement quotient.

A combination of old-school game play and delicious ‘yummified’ targets makes ‘I Luv Chocolat’, fun-filled and challenging for all ages.

Legend of Vraz:
It is the first arcade game based on Indian Miniature painting style and is playable by all age groups. In this story-based adventure game, the prince and the princess meet, fall in love and the Prince braves the world of exotica to win the love for Princess. This Indian game explores the realms of a culture which is hardly touched by usual video games and has won the Best PC game Award at FICCI BAF Awards 2010 in Mumbai.

The game based on Indian Miniature Painting style is a combination of Mario meets Prince of Persia in India and has won fans worldwide with it’s artstyle and gameplay.




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