Game Information

Game Information

The Legend of Vraz is 2D action packed adventure platform game in which you control Vraz, the prince. Vraz is in love with Princess Avi and in order to marry her, has agreed to fulfill 5 tasks set by Avi’s father.
This takes Vraz on an epic quest where he must make his way through 15 exotic locations, avoid the tribal warlord Mani and battle with the evil lovelorn Vizier and his shrewd accomplices. He will also have to collect gold and keys, skillfully navigate dangerous traps, operate objects and find his way out of near impossible terrain.

If you have played the original Prince of Persia or Mario, love retro /amiga-esque graphics or ever wondered what would happen if Mario and Prince of Persia met India then Legend of Vraz is your answer.

The game provides for a unique player experience with its unique style and forgiving game play and has already won lots of fans worldwide.

The legend of Vraz has many firsts

  • The first 2D arcade game in India created with Microsoft XNA Game studio.
  • One of the earliest Microsoft XNA games developed in India.
  • One of the first games in India from an Independent developer.
  • The first game ever made on Indian Miniature painting style.

Game Features

  • Hours and hours of fun fulfilled exciting game play for the entire family.
  • 15 complete levels divided in 4 distinctive exotic worlds.
  • 14 unique AI based enemies; 5 Weapon Upgrades.
  • Exquisite hand painted 2D Art in Indian Miniature Painting style.
  • An incredible soundtrack immersing the player in the game.
  • Suitable for all ages. No blood, violence or obscene language.
  • Play with both mouse and keyboard or mouse only or keyboard only.

PC Game play

Game play screen

PC Game Controls

Game Controls

Game Characters

Game Weapons

Game Weapons

There are 5 different upgradable arrows:

• Simple arrow – It shoots and you have a quiver limit of 12
• Flower arrow – It shoots flowers which are harmless.
• Particle 1 Arrow – It is more powerful than a simple arrow and leaves a trace of particles.
• Particle 2 Arrow – It shoots green particles and is more powerful than particle1 arrow.
• Fire Arrow – It is the most powerful of all and has fire in it.

Game Story

Game Story 1

Game Story 2

The kingdom of Thor, situated between Aravali Mountains and Avadh jungles has a seventeen year young prince named Vraz. The prince loves the jungles and often goes horse riding into these jungles to relax and enjoy his solitude.

One day, he encounters a beautiful girl who is lost in the jungle. This beautiful girl is Princess Avi from the kingdom of Kund. The prince is surprised to see the girl walking alone in the jungle without fear. He guides Avi out of the jungle to the main path. Avi gets attracted to Vraz’s modesty, charm and his love for nature.

Months pass by and they continue meeting each other. Vraz falls in love with Avi and asks proposes to her for marriage. The princess asks Vraz to meet her father, the Maharaja of Kund. But, both realize that it is a difficult dream since Kund and Thor were once at war.

Vraz meets Baapji, the Maharaja of Kund. The Maharaja tells the prince that in order to win Avi’s hand he must complete 5 tasks and prove his mettle as the perfect suitor. He believes that they should forget the past and both the kingdoms should have peaceful relations with each other.

The 5 tasks are:
• Earn 100,000 coins or equivalent gold for the wedding on your own
• Find the biggest and the brightest red rose
• Find a diamond studded heart
• Find the traditional sword
• Find a traditional horse

However, the Vizier of Kund has other plans. He is in love with Avi and harbors a secret ambition that if he marries Avi, he will be crowned the future king of Kund and can capture the entire region thereafter.

Meanwhile, Vraz unaware of Vizier’s evil plans and other dangers that lay ahead of him agrees to Baapji’s condition and the GAME BEGINS…


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